On Thursday 18th July, YCGE and the UK-based branch of the Greek political party New Democracy, co-hosted an event in Parliament with the Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP and Louis Loizou, Chair of Hellenic Bankers Association.


The successful event had well over 100 guests in attendance, including: Conservative Councillors, representatives from the Greek Embassy, KCL Conservative Association, Queen Mary Conservative Association, Cypriot Conservatives, Proptopria – a major Cypriot political party, Aktions Gemeinschaft – the largest Austrian student organisation with ties to the Austrian People’s Party, as well as the President of Hellenic Engineers, and representatives from the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.

Both Dominic and Louis delivered a speech on the theme of the evening, Brexit: What does the future hold, followed by a Q&A. The debate was lively with many different views represented. Dominic highlighted that “the causes of Brexit can be identified as a failure of the political class in the United Kingdom to be willing to explain the benefits of EU membership over a prolonged period, and that, coupled with media, and the way it has been reported, means we have never really had a balanced debate.” 

He also set out his position that a People’s vote was now the only democratic way forward to resolve Brexit.

Mr Loizou discussed the failure of the UK Parliament to reach a deal, the growing uncertainty in the financial sector and the economic risk of a No Deal Brexit.

Issues raised in the Q&A were diverse, ranging from the on-going Conservative Leadership contest, parliamentary procedure, Dominic’s role in preventing Parliament being prorogued, the state politics in the UK and all the way to industry-specific questions, such as the impact of Brexit on the shipping and health sectors.

Author: Simon Saunders

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