Founded over 50 years ago, the Conservative European Forum (CEF) is committed to strengthening political, economic, social, environmental and security cooperation between the UK and continental Europe. Closer strategic cooperation, to tackle shared challenges, will make all parties safer, more prosperous and more influential on the world stage.

CEF believes we need to move away from theoretical discussions and focus on the practical challenges of the UK's place in the world, finding new ways to work with our continental European partners and build on the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

We host regular speaking meetings and networking events to bring together UK and other European stakeholders, including the diplomatic community and UK and European parliamentarians.  We are committed to helping rebuild trust, not just been the UK and our European allies, but also between the Conservative Party and its sister centre-right parties throughout Europe and the European People’s Party (EPP).

Led by our expert-led policy groups, the organisation develops positive and constructive proposals to enhance co-operation and strengthen strategic partnerships between the UK, other European countries and EU institutions. CEF works to promote and mainstream these ideas within the Conservative Party and wider conservative family.

Many Conservatives support a close, strategic partnerships with other European countries and EU institutions. We provide a forum for those on the centre-right of British politics, throughout the UK, who support our values link to values and goals.

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