We believe:

Successful and Healthy Society

That a successful and healthy society removes barriers to the rise of hard-working individuals and offers everyone the opportunity to develop skills and fulfil their potential. It rejects self-selecting elites, supports social mobility, embraces cultural diversity and welcomes the contribution of immigrants. It recognises that human dignity is a fundamental right from birth to death and ensures a high standard of minimum provision in education and health, while also facilitating additional personal or collective provision.


Rights and responsibilities

That the rights and responsibilities of the individual are central. Every individual has rights which include, but are not limited to, freedom of expression, religious belief, affordable, timely access to justice, privacy, and a vote that counts. In exchange, every individual has responsibilities which include, but are not limited to, respecting others’ opinions, paying tax proportionate to one’s means, contributing to the community, doing no deliberate harm, respecting the law and giving people a second chance when they fail.


Economic principles

That the profit motive is the best mechanism of encouraging wealth creation, but free markets need straightforward regulation which dilutes excessive market power, empowers consumers, protects employees, promotes entrepreneurship, engenders social responsibility, encourages a simple progressive tax system and preserves the environment.


Duty of Government

That the first duty of Government is to protect the basic dignity and well-being of its citizens, whether that be from or during war, disease, poverty or other threat to human life. Government should only intervene in matters that are essential to the safety and prosperity of society and should always take into account conflicting needs and interests. Responsible Government spending and borrowing should not impede growth or create too high a burden of taxation.


Character and role of Government

That Government in Britain is based on our tradition as a representative democracy under the rule of law, with constitutional checks and balances mediated through strong institutions, in particular an independent judiciary and a vigorous Parliament which holds Government to account. Powers granted to public bodies must be understandable and transparent and their use must be accountable to Parliament and the British people. The structures of Government have to evolve to meet the needs of the time and decisions and responsibilities should as a matter of principle be made at the most local practicable level.


Governing for the future, not just for now

That we have a duty to future generations to improve our society and preserve the natural capital which sustains it. In Government, we recognise the responsibility to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and to take difficult decisions in the short term in order to avert long- term harm. This applies to domestic, international and environmental issues. We change to conserve.


Our role in the world

That in a turbulent, multi-polar world our country’s interests are most effectively defended and advanced when the United Kingdom is able to work with allies both in our own continent of Europe and across the globe. Strong, strategic partnerships with other nations and constructive involvement and leadership within multilateral institutions and networks can help us succeed in our goal to enhance national security, promote prosperity and international opportunity and secure peace and stability both in our own region of the world and more widely.