The Young Conservative Group for Europe organised a demonstration outside Conservative Party Headquarters to protest the expulsion of 21 MPs from the Conservative Parliamentary Party.


Many journalists, including from the BBC and The Guardian attended the event to understand what has driven young Conservatives to protest against the Boris Johnson administration.

Former MP Ben Howlett expressed his support and highlighted that it is “unheard of” for young Conservatives to protest, signifying the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in.

Following the protest outside CCHQ, the group visited 10 Downing Street and joined a demonstration at Parliament Square. At all locations there was widespread support, adulations and photos taken with enthusiastic Londoners, who expressed their delight with statements ranging from  "You’re the true Tories" to "Thank you for putting our country first".

Dedicated banners were printed with a range of slogans ranging from,

  • ”Country, Constituents, Party. In that order.” Winston Churchill
  • 82% of young people oppose a No Deal Brexit - highlighting the latest research into the matter
  • We stand with the 21 Conservative MPs who said #No2NoDeal and voted agains Boris Johnson

The protest is part of the Conservative Group for Europe’s #No2NoDeal campaign.