When October 31, 2023 at 6:30pm 2 hrs


Eleven prominent political figures are calling for the return of a strong liberal centre-right voice in British politics to counter the Conservative Party’s damaging embrace of populism in recent years. 


The newly published The Case for the Centre Right, edited by David Gauke, contains a series of essays by Michael Heseltine, Rory Stewart, Amber Rudd, Dominic Grieve, Danny Finkelstein and others. Collectively the contributors make a compelling argument for the rise of a robust liberal centre-right voice, based on internationalism, respect for the rule of law, fiscal responsibility and belief in British institutions.


The book serves as a critical examination of the Conservative Party's recent populist trajectory. It pulls no punches examining why this has been detrimental to the UK's prosperity, electoral trust and the long-term fortunes of the Conservative Party. While the “small-c conservative” authors are damning of the “mendacity” of Boris Johnson and the “ill-considered ideological purity” of Liz Truss, the publication’s focus is on ideas for change, from the economy and climate change to devolution and scientific innovation.


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