On 8th June 2022 we hosted a reception with The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH. The reception was opened by our chair, The Rt Hon Sir David Lidington KCB CBE, followed by a speech by Sir John.

During his wide-ranging remarks, Sir John spoke of the difficulties that stem from the UK’s departure from the European Union, the issues now facing the Conservative Party and the importance of the rule of law and upholding international agreements.

Held at The Caledonian Club in London, the reception was an opportunity for new CEF members and old friends alike to come together and look forward with optimism as we continue to:
- Develop new ways of working with the European Union and building on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement;
- Champion the benefits of close UK-European cooperation within the conservative family;
- Rebuild trust and strengthen links between the Conservative Party, the European People’s Party and sister centre-right parties throughout Europe.

The UK and continental Europe face many shared challenges - including the war in Ukraine, international forced migration and rising energy prices - which will often require shared solutions and close cooperation. 

 ‘Global Britain’ will only be a success if ‘European Britain’ is a success, and the UK remains a trustworthy and respected partner on the world stage.